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  • How Does It Works?

    1. Pay for IG Pack

    Select the best package which you will get for every new posts and pay for it.

    2. Detect new media

    The system automatically detects new posts every 15 minutes in your account.

    3. Receive IG Likes

    The system processes and sends likes after detecting new posts.
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  • Subscriptions

    50 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    100 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    250 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    500 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    1000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    2000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    3000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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  • Why should you use AutomaticInstagramLikes?

    Auto Detection

    Our system constantly monitors your account and every time you publish a post, the system detects it and starts sending you a pre-ordered number of likes.

    Safe of Use

    We never request a password or any other personal information. Everything relating to your order is stored only on our server under high-level protection.

    Real Users

    We use only live pages of real users who are registered in our network. You will receive high-quality services since we do not have fake or bot accounts.

    Service Guarantee

    All services will be provided on time. In case of any technical problems due to our fault, we will fix all of them, and resubmit the service if you have not received it.

    Fast Delivery

    You will get the order within the first few hours after the post is published. We do everything possible to provide asap service, improving our system to achieve effective results.
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  • Reviews

    - Kate, Canada

    Hi! I've been using this service for more than a year. And I'm pleased. I didn't dare to make an order for a long time - I was afraid it wouldn't work, and I waste my money. There are so many sites offering similar services. I can't choose one I want. God hears my blessing, and my friend Sara told me to try this site. Auto likes service is cool! Everything comes on time, and no one even guesses I ordered it.

    - Peter, Mexico

    Hey guys, I want to advise this site to EVERYONE. I was very skeptical about such services but decided to experiment. I'd just started my new project and thought, why not? The support team helped me find the right package of services, and we drove. The result is already seen, although I use the service just for about three months. The best thing is that my followers started to grow, and I even took orders ;) I wasn't mistaken about my choice. Thanks for this, you are COOL!

    - Denise, USA

    Likes are a vital part of making more and more users interested in your content – it’s quite a simple rule, forcing me to buy auto likes on Instagram. This service enabled me to grow my account from a few followers to thousands of great engagement as well. Perhaps, it’s one of my best investments I’ve ever made as far as social marketing is concerned.

    - Marilyn, USA

    I didn’t know how best I could engage more people on my account until I tried buying automated likes on Instagram. Through them, I’ve managed to boost my page’s activity and improve engagement. Thank you, guys, for giving me new inspiration to move further. Now I’m sure I have a reliable and responsible helping hand!)

    - Beverly, USA

    At first, I never knew about the power of paid services, especially auto likes. But after I started investing in them – everything has changed. Auto likes have improved the perception of my Insta and my publications. These days, many users find my content more relevant and useful to their needs. I’ve seen my account growing right on my eyes, and this has made it possible for me to get more profits.

    - Madison, USA

    There’s nothing better than getting more likes on Instagram in the easiest and fastest way possible. I realized it when I started buying Instagram auto likes. They have been like a magnet pulling more users to my account. Now my website is ranking well because many people trust the content I publish. Sometimes I wish I’d realized it earlier… Fortunately, now I can smile and watch as the engagement on my page rapidly grows.

    - Theresa, USA

    My business struggled long to get the attention I was hoping for. Then I discovered the power in buying Instagram auto likes, and it was the moment my business took a new direction. Now I’m enjoying excellent customer engagement and a whole bunch of new likes on each post I publish. I have enough time to focus on the quality of my content while paid auto likes help me get the popularity I wanted. It’s simply amazing!

    - Judy, USA

    Targeting a large audience is quite easy on Instagram, especially when you know helpful tools to use. And the paid services are among them. When I bought auto likes, things started going much easier and simpler. Auto likes pulled in organic likes, more comments, and new followers. This secret took me a long time to realize it. Buying Instagram auto likes is just as good as getting them for free. I mean, considering the benefits, it costs almost nothing!)

    - Steve, UK

    I always dreamed about popular Insta account and it was a real problem to boost engagement, as I didn’t have enough time for this. I travel a lot due to my work and have cool pictures from all over the world. Almost every day, I post 2-3 pics, adding exciting info. So, auto likes were my only chance to make things work better. These guys helped me to choose the package, and we started our cooperation. I’m pleased to find the Automaticinstagramlikes website, as it offers friendly prices and high-quality services. Thanks!

    - Jane, India

    One year ago, I was desperate in attempts to run my account successfully… Fortunately, my friend told me about this site – that’s how I first faced paid services and decided to try their power. As I published several posts per day, auto likes looked a pleasant proposition. I started from cheap packages, slowly moving to bigger ones. Now I order 2K auto likes every month to keep things going as usual. Thanks for your professionalism and REAL help!)

    - Charley, UK

    It’s hard to imagine a better way to boost your Instagram activity than to order auto likes service. If you still don’t know what to do and how to fix your deals – buy auto likes and enjoy the freedom to implement new ideas and receive a high increase in traffic! I’m delighted with this service).

    What should I know before the order?

    If, during the order process, you encounter the impossibility of its registration, check your privacy settings. Your account must be public. Otherwise, the system will automatically block the order. Also, keep in mind that during the service, your account must be opened. If you close it, you will not be able to get auto likes and burn. Also, you must not change the username. This will negatively affect your automated likes as well.

    When will I receive my auto Instagram likes?

    Our system monitors your account 24/7 and checks it for new posts every 60 minutes. When new records are found, the system starts sending you auto likes.

    Is the service safe for my account?

    • All information about our clients and their orders are protected from third parties.
    • We are fully responsible for the preservation and protection of your personal information, as well as prevent possible leakage or fraud.
    • We use high-level protection of your data from any manipulation, including copying and making changes.

    Can I receive likes on my older posts?

    We do not send auto likes to your old posts since the system works by a certain algorithm. If you want to get likes on such publications, you can order a separate package of likes and redirect them to all the posts on your account that you are interested in. You can also contact our support for more detailed advice.

    What is the repayment period?

    The services we represent belong to the group of intangible goods. Therefore, we do not make a refund after you received our service. You should understand that all responsibility with the correctness of your data and acceptance of the terms of use of our proposals lies on you. Nevertheless, there are situations in which you can count on a refund:
    • The service was not provided after the payment and confirmation. All your complaints about the lack of paid service must be sent to our support team. Everything should be executed in writing form within 7 days from the moment of placing the order. In other circumstances, the service will be considered as completed.
    • The actual service does not match the description on our website. You need to provide clear arguments for that. No claims related to imaginary expectations or personal wishes of customers are considered. Our customer service department is happy to provide the necessary information or clarifications at any time. You can count on highly professional help.
    • The refund does not apply to auto likes since, after confirming the order by the system, we will be able to pause it only in a month.
    We provide a 15-day warranty for the first order of the service. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund you if your account is closed because you make it private without notifying our support team before that.

    How can I pay?

    You can pay with a credit or debit card. This is one of the simplest, fastest, and most reliable payment methods. The operation only takes 30 seconds, after which you will fully enjoy the selected and prepaid package of services.

    How can I cancel a subscription?

    Everything is very simple and the process of cancellation will not take you a lot of time. All you need is to contact our support team and send your account address on our technical support e-mail with a request to stop the service.

    What is Instagram auto likes?

    IG auto likes service is a special tool, generating likes that are sent to every new post.

    1. If you are an active person without the extra free time and you want to develop your business on Instagram,
    2. if you travel a lot and upload many pictures every day,
    3. or if you just want to get a lot of likes and do not waste your time… then you can order automatic Instagram likes.

    We will make sure that all your new posts receive organic auto likes according to the package you have selected. 24/7 our APK app monitors the accounts of the customers and sends the required amount of automatic likes in conformity with the prepaid service. All of them look very natural because we generate Instagram auto likes based exclusively on the accounts of our users. Thus, Insta likes are always real. You pay for this option once and then it is renewed monthly automatically.

    How to get automatic Instagram likes?

    On our website, you can find several packages of services and choose one that best suits your needs. Then pay the selected offer with your credit card. After a successful payment, all your new photos will automatically receive likes.

    Every 60 minutes your account will be checked for new posts and you will get your monthly likes in an instant. Remember that before ordering a package, make sure that your account is opened and there are no privacy settings on it. If your account is not public, we will not be able to send you any auto likes.

    By providing you with our services, we respect the privacy policy, protecting your data. You can always get Instagram likes without password because we do not ask for your personal information. Moreover, with our application, you will receive the highest quality service in the shortest possible time.

    Why should I buy Instagram likes?


    Having popularity and authority, you can increase the number of customers, sales and partners. Most users, who see that the account is in high demand, start feeling confident, showing more interest in the offered products and services. Also, they will share your account with their friends and advertise you on other social networks.

    Generating initial interest

    Each new post is the most interactive in the first 24-72 hours. At this period, you can get a lot of attention and engagement. As the Instagram system raises popular photos up in the search, a large number of auto likes will make your content competitive and even more people will see it.

    Getting new subscribers

    Qualitative and permanent content in tandem with auto likes will help to attract new followers and expand your online presence. Purchasing the monthly Instagram likes service is the cheapest and quickest way to provide your account with popularity and increase organic followers, likes and comments.

    Acquiring reviews

    You should make your content public because a large number of likes came when your publications are in the news stream, offered for viewing to a wide audience. This is a quick, simple and cheap way motivate people to interact with your account. The more likes your publications have – the faster you will gain trust and popularity.


    IG likes help to reach new followers who will be truly active. In turn, it contributes to the growth of the target audience, as well as attracts potential customers and partners. Automated likes will give your visitors the motivation to interact with your content more actively.

    Expanding your horizons

    Buying auto likes, you gradually fill the client base and your regular customers are recommending you to others. Moreover, the number of likes on your account will increase, taking a more and more persistent position. Your content will cover a larger audience, as well as spread in the expanses of Instagram.