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  • How Does It Works?

    1. Purchase the desired package

    Choose among multiple deals on automatic Instagram likes to find your favorite option.

    2. Automatic detection of a new upload

    Every 15 minutes, our software will check for changes on your Instagram account.

    3. Watch the automatic likes come your way!

    We will send real likes after detecting new posts.
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  • Subscriptions

    50 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    100 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    250 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
    • 100% Safe & Secure
    500 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    1000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    2000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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    3000 Auto Likes
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    • Up to 5 Posts/Day
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  • Why Do You Need Automatic Instagram Likes?

    Automatic Detection

    From the moment you buy automatic Instagram likes, our software monitors your account. The only requirement is to set your Instagram profile to public. Each time you upload a picture or video to your profile, our service will recognize and send automatic Instagram likes your way soon.

    Safe to Use

    Forget about services that require providing your password when you want to buy automatic Instagram likes. We never ask for personal details, which means your IG account remains safe. All transactions via our website are instant and encrypted. That means your data remains safe on our website.

    Real IG Users

    Our network consists of real users, and they are the ones who will automatically like Instagram photos on your profile. There are no fake accounts, and we don’t use bots. All automatic likes you receive come from real people, which boosts your IG reputation.

    Service Guarantee

    We have years of experience in the business of automatic Instagram likes. Our team guarantees on-time delivery of our services. If you notice anything that didn’t go per your expectations, contact us, and we will do our best to fix the issue.

    Quick Delivery

    Our service is almost instantaneous, because it only takes a couple of hours from publishing a post to receive likes. The system monitors your profile to ensure we deliver the required order quickly. We keep improving our tool for auto likes to provide better service.
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  • Reviews

    - Kate M., Canada

    Hi! I’ve been using this service for more than a year. And I’m pleased. I didn’t dare to make an order for a long time – I was afraid it wouldn’t work, and I waste my money. There are so many sites offering similar services. I can’t choose the one I want. God hears my blessing, and my friend Sara told me to try this site. Auto likes service is fantastic! Everything comes on time, and no one even guesses I ordered it.

    - Peter, Mexico

    Hey guys, I want to advise this site to EVERYONE. I was very skeptical about such services but decided to experiment. I’d just started my new project and thought, why not? The support team helped me find the right package of services, and we drove. The result is already seen, although I use the service just for about three months. The best thing is that my followers started to grow, and I even took orders ;) I wasn’t mistaken about my choice. Thanks for this. You are COOL!

    - Denise Jackson, USA

    Likes are a vital part of making more and more users interested in your content – it’s quite a simple rule, forcing me to buy auto likes on Instagram. This service enabled me to grow my account from a few followers to thousands of significant engagement. Perhaps, it’s one of my best investments I’ve ever made as far as social marketing is concerned.

    - Marilyn, USA

    I didn’t know how best to engage more people on my account until I tried buying automated likes on Instagram. Through them, I’ve managed to boost my page’s activity and improve engagement. Thank you, guys, for giving me new inspiration to move further. Now I’m sure I have a reliable and responsible helping hand!)

    - Beverly Smile :), USA

    At first, I never knew about the power of paid services, especially auto likes. But after I started investing in them – everything has changed. Auto likes have improved the perception of my Insta and my publications. These days, many users find my content more relevant and useful to their needs. I’ve seen my account growing right on my eyes, which has made it possible for me to get more profits.

    - Madison_$$, USA

    There’s nothing better than getting more likes on Instagram in the easiest and fastest way possible. I realized it when I started buying auto likes. They’ve been like a magnet pulling more users to my account. Now my website is ranking well because many people trust the content I publish. Sometimes I wish I’d realized it earlier. Fortunately, now I can smile and watch as the engagement on my page rapidly grows.

    - Theresa, USA

    My business struggled long to get the attention I was hoping for. Then I discovered the power in buying Instagram auto likes, and it was the moment my business took a new direction. Now I’m enjoying excellent customer engagement and many new likes on each post I publish. I have enough time to focus on my content quality while paid auto likes help me get the popularity I wanted. It’s simply incredible!

    - Judy R.R. Brown, USA

    Targeting a broad audience is relatively easy on Instagram, especially when you know helpful tools to use. And the paid services are among them. When I bought auto likes, things started going much more comfortable and uncomplicated. Auto likes pulled in organic likes, more comments, and new followers. This secret took me a long time to realize it. Buying Instagram auto likes is just as good as getting them for free. I mean, considering the benefits, it costs almost nothing!)

    - Steve, UK

    I always dreamed about popular Insta account, and it was a real problem to boost engagement, as I didn’t have enough time for this. I travel a lot due to my work and have cool pictures from all over the world. Almost every day, I post 2-3 pics, adding exciting info. So, auto likes were my only chance to make things work better. These guys helped me to choose the package, and we started our cooperation. I’m pleased to find the Automaticinstagramlikes website, as it offers friendly prices and high-quality services. Thanks!

    - Jane Shakti, India

    One year ago, I was desperate in attempts to run my account successfully. Fortunately, my friend told me about this site – that’s how I first faced paid services and decided to try their power. As I published several posts per day, auto likes looked a pleasant proposition. I started from cheap packages, slowly moving to bigger ones. Now I order 2K auto likes every month to keep things going as usual. Thanks for your professionalism and REAL help!)

    - Charley O'Neil, UK

    It’s hard to imagine a better way to boost your Instagram activity than to order auto likes service. If you still don’t know what to do and how to fix your deals – buy auto likes and enjoy the freedom to implement new ideas and receive a high increase in traffic! I’m delighted with this service).

    What should I know before the order?

    The primary requirement is to set your account to public. Our system will check if the profile where you need auto likes is public. If your IG account is private, the software will stop the order. Also, please don’t deactivate your account during the ordering and delivery process. Before you buy auto Instagram likes, check your username. It is imperative that you not change it, because our system needs it to recognize where to deliver your order.

    When will I receive my auto Instagram likes?

    Our software works around the clock and performs a check of your Instagram profile every hour. That means it will monitor your account every 60 minutes, whether it is the middle of day or night. Every time you post a new video or image, we detect it and begin the gradual delivery of automatic likes.

    Is the service safe for my account?

    You will need to provide us basics, such as the username of your Instagram account. We guarantee these things in terms of safety:

    • We keep the information about your personal and financial details on our protected servers. This way, no third party can access it.
    • Our team works hard to ensure safe servers and prevent fraud, data breaches and other security issues.
    • We constantly work on our security by improving the protection level.

    Can I receive likes on my older posts?

    Unfortunately, that is not possible due to the specifics of our system. The software has an algorithm that doesn’t recognize old posts. It can only deliver automatic Instagram likes to new uploads that have been set to public. If you need likes diverted to your old posts, please contact our team. We can design a customized package and send them to the desired uploads.

    What is the repayment period?

    If you buy automatic Instagram likes, you are getting intangible goods. These goods aren’t subject to a refund following the service delivery. Our team makes sure to offer an instant order placing system and delivers the required package quickly. We take full responsibility of providing high-quality service. There are some exemptions when our team approves a refund:

    • You received an order confirmation, but you didn’t receive automatic likes in the next day or so. If that happens, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support. The deadline for contacting our team is seven days from the order confirmation. If you fail to contact us during that time, we will consider your order was delivered.
    • You didn't get the right services; for example, if you ordered more automatic likes than what was delivered. If you believe the order doesn't match the description, please contact us as soon as possible.
    • No refund is available for automatic Instagram likes. Once our software confirms the order, we can only pause it in a month.
    • Our team offers a 30-day warranty on every customer’s initial order.

    How do I pay?

    We offer an instant subscription and order placement system. If you want to buy monthly automatic Instagram likes, you can do so with a debit or credit card Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. In addition, you can pay through Apple and Google Pay, as well. The entire process takes a minute, and you will receive the order soon.

    How do I cancel a subscription?

    Please contact our customer support to cancel your instant subscription. Please mention that you want to stop the service and forward the account address.

    What Are Automatic Likes on Instagram?

    Automatic Instagram likes is a unique service delivered to both individual and business clients. Here is how you can benefit from our tool:

    1. You just started a new company or want to take your business presence on IG to the next level.
    2. You want to become an influencer or popular on IG.
    3. You will receive organic automatic likes from real people, which means they come from actual IG users.

    Our system keeps track of your account around the clock. As soon as you publish something new, the likes start coming your way.

    How to Buy Instagram Auto Likes?

    The entire process is as simple as can be – start by visiting our website and choosing the desired package. It is possible to pick among basic and more advanced instant subscription options.

    From the moment you buy a subscription, our software checks your page every hour. Our platform can deliver real likes for only 5 posts per day.

    Our team offers the highest privacy protection level in the industry. We don’t ask for your password, and any information provided is stored on our servers. Our team makes sure you get auto likes – from real people – as soon as possible.

    Why should You Buy Instagram Likes?


    Each like increases your reputation on this social network, which boosts your awareness on IG, which means new partners and clients will hear about your products and services every day. The sheer number of automatic likes increases the trust users have in your company or service. They will feel more confident with contacting and ordering from you, and they might even share the info with their friends.

    Take your post to the next level

    Marketing experts know that each new video or post on Instagram is the most active in the first couple of days. That is when you want to increase engagement and attract the attention of the network. If you buy automatic Instagram likes, the network can improve the position of your update in the search results on the platform. That means more people will see your content because of the real likes you generated.

    Attract new followers

    If you buy monthly Instagram likes, you have a chance of attracting new followers. Users will notice that every post you place attracts lots of attention from the community, which makes them attracted to your account, which increases their chances of following and interacting with others on your page.

    Getting new reviews

    Instagram has an Explore tab and a news stream where everyone can see your new posts. The fact that you used Instagram auto likes gets you off to the right start. People will notice that you already attracted the community’s interest and will be more interested in participating.


    Real automatic IG likes’ goal is to find followers who will regularly read the content and interact with your page. Our service can increase user engagement, attract sales, comments and the number of followers. People don’t like to be among the first to comment on publications. If they notice somebody already did, they would be more motivated to interact with the content.

    Expand your reach

    Our service aims to attract customers interested in the content on your IG account. Even if you only attract a couple of new clients, they will recommend you to friends. Next, those friends relay your service to others, and you expand the reach in no time. It is a proven formula for using social media to your benefit.